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Translation from Hebrew into English / English into Hebrew:

IDFAX Translation Services delivers a unique translation service by striving to provide a translation that is a mirror image of the original. Every attempt is made to preserve the layout and format of the original documents. This is especially important when translating documents such as: Transcipt, Birth Certificate, Marriage License, Death Certificate, and many other documents.

IDFAX Translation Services also provides notarization of translated documents.

IDFAX Translation Services provides proofreading and editing of translated documents.

Translation of Hebrew Medical & Medical-Legal material into English is provided by IDFAX Translation Services.

Translation of English Medical & Medical-Legal material into Hebrew is provided by IDFAX Translation Services.


  • letters
  • licenses
  • forms
  • reports
  • certificates
  • claims
  • resume
  • manuscripts
  • essays, articles
  • literature, fiction
  • doctoral thesis
  • slide presentations

Notarization of Translations

Proofreading & Editing of Translations

Who We Are

A free-lance translation service since 1973. Initally established in Israel, relocated in 1980 to USA. Fluent in Hebrew and English; literary, medical, scientific and idiomatic formats.
Rapid turn around services available. Notarization service available. All services provided via e-mail, fax or regular mail.
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Eytan M. Rubinstien, MD
Born in Australia. Educated in Israel and USA. A graduate of Hebrew University Medical School, Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel. Medically certified in Israel & USA. Author of scientific medical publications, articles and essays. Clinician, researcher, teacher, and consultant. Medical journal reviewer. Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Farmington, CT.
Dr. Rubinstien is a member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and the Israel Translators Association (ITA).
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Past and Current Clients

Class action suit against Big Tobacco Israel. Pharmaceutical companies conducting clinical research in Israeli hospitals. Medical & Scientific Corporate, professional and scientific concerns. The Institute for Scientific Translations, Israel. Society for Preservation of Nature, Israel. Jerusalem Publishing House, Jerusalem. Jewish Community Center, West Hartford, Connecticut, USA. Solomon Schechter School, West Hartford, Connecticut. Israeli applicants to American Undergraduate and Graduate School. Israeli immigrants to the USA. International legal agencies. Graduate students. Jewish authors.

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I D F A X   can be reached at:
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